Exec Board

The Mid-Isle Soccer Club’s Executive Board is responsible for the strategic direction and efficient operation of the Club.

The individuals on the Board are charged with fulfilling the Club’s mandate of “providing a positive experience in soccer for all Members”. They meet once a month to discuss and address operational issues and to plan Club programs and events. Executive Board Members are volunteers, but are allowed to register one child in the Club for free each season.

Please remember that our Club runs on volunteers. If you’d like to pitch in and there is an Executive position you’d like to learn more about, please contact us at midislesoccer@yahoo.ca



The President is responsible for running and coordinating Executive meetings and ensuring that the Club Constitution and Rules are adhered to within those meetings. He/She also assists and guides the Executive, liaises with governing bodies and other Clubs in order to enhance the running and development of the Club, and advises on Club matters as  required, taking on specific tasks within the Club structure.
Current President: Jeremy Kaye



The VP assists the President with his/her role in coordinating the Executive Board, and advises and addresses Club matters as required, taking on specific roles within the Club structure.
Current Vice President: Cheryl Oncuil



The Treasurer is responsible for all Club funds and ensures that they are administered legally. Responsibilities also include ensuring that the Executive Board is aware of the current financial status of the Club, and advising the release or use of funds where necessary.
Current Acting Treasurer: Jeremy Kaye



The Secretary administers all general correspondence for the Club. This includes liaison with the relevant leagues, registration of teams, paying of bills/fines, etc. and with all other Executive Board and Club members regarding all aspects of administering the Club.
Current Secretary: Kelly Rodgers



The Club Registrar administers all correspondence in relation to the registering of players with the Club, to ensure that only registered players are playing matches for Mid-Isle. This may include liaison with the relevant leagues and with all other Executive Board and Club members regarding all aspects of Club registration.
Current Registrar: Jennifer LeBlanc


Director at Large – Equipment

The Club Equipment Director administers all aspects of Club equipment, maintaining an inventory of Club jerseys, shorts, socks, balls, and any other required equipment. Responsibilities include the distribution and reception of Club uniforms at the beginning and end of the season, as well as ongoing equipment related activities throughout the year.
Current Equipment Director: Laurie Bastian


Director at Large – Communications

The Club Communications Director is responsible for creating and maintaining Club communications throughout the year on platforms such as the Club’s website and Facebook page; and also through email, print media and other conventional means. Duties also include maintaining current distribution lists for coaches, managers, and parents, as well as receiving emails at the midislesoccer@yahoo.ca email account and routing to the appropriate Executive Member for attention.
Current Acting Communications Director: Jennifer LeBlanc


Director at Large – Public Relations

Public Relations Director attends meetings with service groups, companies and deals with


Director at Large – Pony Program

The Pony Program Director administers all aspects of the the “Pony” age division of the Club (players aged 5 through 8). This includes forming teams, ensuring that all players receive jerseys, and communicating to all coaches and parents as appropriate throughout the season.
Current Youth Coordinator: Chelsea Cooke


Director at Large – Officials

The Club’s Director of Officials administers all aspects of training, scheduling, equipping, and periodic review of all Club game officials. This includes liaising with the relevant leagues and with all other Executive Board and Club members.
Current Referee Director: Aaron Lafontaine


Director at Large – Field & Gym Coordinator

The Field Scheduling Director is responsible for allocating fields to teams for practices, games, and special events. This involves liaising with the relevant leagues, with Ladysmith Parks and Recreation, and with all other Executive Board and Club members. At times of inclement weather, the Field Coordinator is also responsible for communicating field closures to all players, coaches and parents in the Club.
Currently in position: Vacant


Director at Large – Adult Program

The Adult Program Director is responsible for the running of the Mid Isle Mariners men’s team.
Currently in position: Cheryl Merriman



Director At Large – Tier 3 and UISA Representative

The Rep Program or “Tier 3” Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of Mid-Isle’s “Mariners” rep soccer program. Responsibilities include scheduling, staffing, and communicating the results of player evaluation sessions in the Spring, ensuring that teams are properly organized and equipped, and bringing any issues arising throughout the season to the attention of the Executive Board.
The UISA Representative is responsible for attending Upper Island Soccer Association board meetings as the MidIsle Soccer representative and reporting back any important information from those meetings to the Executive Board.
Currently in position: Hiromi Tollefson


Director At Large – Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for liaising with current and potential Club Sponsors. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining Sponsor relationships, ensuring the Club’s interests are well represented in any sponsorship negotiations, and ensuring that sponsorship agreements are fulfilled by all parties. This includes liaison with  all other Executive Board and Club members as appropriate.
Currently in position:


Director At Large – Tots Program

The Tots Coordinator administers all aspects of the “Tots” program of the Club (players aged 3-4). This includes planning and staffing engaging training sessions for players, and communicating to all coaches and parents as appropriate throughout the season.
Currently in position: Danielle Winter



The Photo Day Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the one day in the season where the entire Club gets their picture taken. This involves liaising with the Photographer, venue management, and the Club Merchandise Coordinator to schedule a date, and then schedule photo times for each team in the Club.
Currently in position: Vacant


Director at Large – Merchandise

The Merchandise Coordinator administers all aspects of Club clothing and merchandise to be made available for purchase by Club Members. This involves sourcing and marketing merchandise, and all promotions and sales activities.
Currently in position:



The Club Event Coordinator works with all Executive Members and forms temporary committees to plan, staff, and execute Club events such as the Annual General Meeting, the Ladysmith Light Up Festival Parade, and the annual Club 5-A-Side tournament, as well as any fundraising events at various times throughout the season.
Currently in position: Vacant