When can I register for the upcoming season?

  • March Madness registration is for returning players whose Home Club is Mid-Isle. Promotional fee prices are in effect from March 1st-31st every year.
  • Regular Registration opens April 1st every year, and runs until June 30th. The regular registration period is for all players, including Soccer Tots and ‘Out-Of-Club’ (i.e. Nanaimo resident) players.
  • Late Registration begins on July 1st (Canada Day), and there is a flat registration fee of $275 for ALL late registered players. We cannot guarantee that late registered players will be placed on a team. Anyone registering after August 15th will be put on a wait-list until October 1st. This is to ensure a smooth start to the season for our Club.


Why should I register sooner instead of later?

There are three good reasons why you should register as soon as possible: 1. you could win a free registration; 2. you can save yourself some money; and 3. it makes it WAAAYY easier on the Club, and the various Leagues in which our teams play, if we know sooner rather than later that you’re going to play for us this year.

  • FREE REGISTRATION: Every year, our Early Bird Draw provides one lucky family with a free player registration – all you have to do is register before our Annual General Meeting, which takes place in early April every year, at the Eagles Hall in Ladysmith.
  • SAVE SOME MONEY: The earlier you register, the more you save. If you register before March 31st, you pay the lowest registration rate. Between April 1st and June 30th, you pay the full regular registration fee. If you wait until the last minute and register after July 1st, the registration fee goes to a flat fee of $275 (we do this to ensure a smooth kickoff to the season, and to ensure that our volunteers get to enjoy the Summer holidays too!)
  • HELP YOUR CLUB: Early registration makes it easier for our Club Registrar to form balanced teams at our younger ages, and it makes it easier to figure out the age divisions and game schedules for our older teams. The season generally kicks off in mid-September, and we want to ensure we’ve got everything  ready to go for our players. Late registration hurts everyone. So don’t delay – register today!

Please note that, for insurance purposes, players cannot participate in any team practices or Club development sessions until their registration fee has been paid.


I’m not sure I can afford it. Is there financial help available?

 Yes, many programs are available; once you’ve applied for assistance, you can register the player to ensure they get on a team.


Can I request that a friend and I be put on the same team?

Yes, and the earlier you and your friend register, the better chance you’ll have of getting that request met. Please note that the volunteer team at our Club works hard to create fair and balanced teams to promote fun for all kids – so not all requests are guaranteed. We will not meet requests for many children at once, or when chain requests are made.


Can I request a specific Coach?

No. Our governing body, BC Soccer, advises that children progress better when experiencing a range of Coaches and coaching styles. We will not meet Coach requests, and we encourage parents to note that, many times, the Coach that you like may not necessarily be the best Coach your child learns from. Diverse Coaches, all working toward fun soccer and individual player development, is the best recommendation for all children by BC Soccer. Mid-Isle supports all our Coaches, and respects the time and energy they put into coaching.


If I’m a Coach, can I pick some kids for my team?

No. Coaches have no input into team formation and cannot influence the team division. The Mid-Isle Executive Board and Registrar are volunteers, and work hard to create fair and equitable and fair teams following best practices recommended by BC Soccer. Coaches are asked not to request players or attempt to influence teams.


Can my child play for an older team?

BC Soccer strongly discourages children from playing with older age groups unless they are an exceptional player and it appears both in the child’s benefit and safer for their peers and the team. Our Club Technical Director will assess any player as requested, and based on factors set out by BC Soccer, decide if they may play up or not.


Can my child play for a younger team?

Very rarely can an exception be made to allow a player to play on a younger team – only in mitigating circumstances, and after a written request has been made in writing and accepted by the Club Executive Board as well as BC Soccer.


My child wants to play ‘Rep’ soccer. What do I do?

Register for the Club as soon as you can, and watch our website for notifications regarding our Mid-Isle Mariners rep team’s player evaluations, which are generally held in May and June. Please also “Like” our Facebook page to receive timely notifications from the Club.


We are first time members – what does our player need?

All players need cleats, shin pads, and a water bottle. The Club has some second hand equipment if required. Comfortable sport clothing is needed, worn in layers – children should NOT attend in jeans and huge jackets.


I would like to volunteer, what sort of help does the club need?

We are entirely run by a great group of volunteers, but we can always use some help. Please refer to our Executive Board page for more information.


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