AGM 2017

For those of you not in attendance at this awesome event, here’s a list of all the All-Stars, MVPs, and a few more great awards handed out at the Club’s 2017 AGM and Awards Night!

U10 Boys, Coached by Aaron Lafontaine, Luke McAuliffe, and Gina Trozzo

By team nomination the three All Stars of the U10 boys this year are Logan Lafontaine, Eli Pakosz and Mitchell Kis-Toth.

  • Logan Lafontaine worked very hard this year to be a leader on his team. He brought a positive attitude and worked hard at practice. He really improved his left foot shot this year and was rewarded with over half of his goals being from the left boot.
  • Eli Pakosz is not only a very skilled soccer player, he is the most sportsmanlike on our team. He is very coachable and always a pleasure to be around. He works hard all the time and never has a negative word come out of his mouth!
  • Mitchell Kis-Toth is the speed of the team. This player never gets tired and always gives 110% on the field. He is one of the hardest working players I have ever coached.


U11 Girls, Coached by Paul Mycroft and Chris Barfoot

  • Sophia Toye: Best Sportsmanship: Despite being injured for many weeks, she still showed up to support her team. A solid defender, Sophia was missed – but her friendship was valued by her team mates.
  • Kaleigh Seymour: Most Valuable Player (co-recipient): A highly-valued member of the team and top scorer, she is a star in the making if she continues to apply herself. Selfless and able to put others into good positions, she can kick well with both feet, and has good vision and timing.
  • Sofia Wotherspoon: Most Valuable Player (co-recipient): With a contagious attitude, she is a popular member of the squad. She trains hard, clearly loves the game, has scored many good goals, and is always willing to listen and improve.


U11 Boys 1, Coached by Shawn Freer and Daryl Rodgers

  • Nolan Freer, MVP, is a leader. He plays hard and has good vision on the field.  He is a versatile player, and understands all positions on the field.
  • Keizo Tollefson is a defensive player that plays with an edge. He is aggressive and hard to play against.  He has progressed this year to be leader on defense, plays with his head up, and makes good decisions with the ball when exiting the zone.
  • Tighe Macdonald, most sportsmanlike, is the player everyone wants to have on his team! He competes hard at practice and games, and is willing to play wherever the team needs him to play.  You will always see him smiling.


U11 Boys 2, Coached by Paul and Janet Brockhurst

All three boys this year were a joy to coach – selfless team players, and all can play every single position on the field well.

  • Gabriel Wiebe, most valuable, has become a force to be reckoned with particularly on defence. His increase in focus and aggression on the ball has been astounding this year. He has developed this year into a player who can play every position and has drive and a fantastic attitude. A joy to coach!
  • Seth Williams, most improved, started the year with his head down and kicking the ball as hard as he could. But he ended the year with his head up and being one of the best passers on the team. He is passing like a demon!  He can also play any position and is both a wall at the back, and a selfless forward, making thoughtful passes and demonstrating wonderful team work.  He is another kid who listens to every instruction and is always keen to improve.
  • George Brockhurst is also most valuable. George is underage on the team, but has shown himself to be a selfless team player with drive and wont for the ball. He has developed this year into an invincible central defender and is invaluable as a forward as well, scoring and passing up front, and as a keeper he had a shutout for most games


U12/13 Girls 1, Coached by Christiane Kamerman and Mike Rankin

  • Most Sportsmanlike: We had almost every player voted in for most sportsmanlike. As a coach, I love that and I could see that every time we got together.  Sophia Beech was voted in and very deserving of the award. She is always upbeat, encouraging and supportive of all of her team mates. Congratulations, Sophia!
  • Most improved: Most improved was an overwhelming vote for Lexie Stajkowski. Lexie was new to soccer this year. She worked so hard and never said anything was too difficult for her. She came to all of the practices and it showed! Lexie was always a joy to watch play because she just went for that ball with no fear.  Congratulations, Lexie!
  • Most Valuable Player: This was an overwhelming vote for Peyton Smith, our goalie. Peyton could have won any of the three awards given out to this team today.  She was a trouper! Sliding through mud and water to save that ball.  She even managed to get a goal in one of our games!! Always a joy to be around. Congratulations, Peyton.


U12/13 Girls 2, Coached by Sandy Dick and Georgia Nicholls

I want to thank the girls’ parents and all of Mid Isle Soccer for giving all our kids the great opportunities they get to grow and develop as players and foster lifelong friendships. I get my girls to choose the award winners cos they always get it right!   This year every player received votes for one or more awards and the difference between winners and runners up was one vote. This is the sign of a truly strong group of players who like and respect each other.

  • This year’s most improved player- nothing more to say other than achieved through her hard work – Isabella Weibe
  • Most fun to play with or person who always supports her teammates with a positive word and has a positive attitude always – Adilyn Macdonald
  • Most versatile player, aka most valuable, because I can put her wherever I need to on the field to score a goal, or defend someone, to stop their offence, to be there to support her players on defence or offence- Valerie Kurylowich.


U12/13 Girls Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Mike Rankin and Christiane Kamerman

We had many great players and many great moments this year on our U12/13 girls team.  We had so much fun, and lots of laughter together as a team.  Every one of the girls could have won an award today for the year we had.  We had so many moments we will remember for a long time, from all of our “milkshake shutouts” to all of our goals. One thing was for sure – we had a strong “Spine” to our team. They gave 100% for every game in the center of the field. They worked hard and never gave up.  Olivia Phillips, Jada Kamerman, and our team captain Cloe Weiner.  Great job ladies! Keep it up!


U12 Boys 1, Coached by Doug Harris and Derek Bollinger

  • MVP – Robbie Bollinger. An obvious decision for team MVP. Robbie scored an average of two to three goals per game. He plays mid field, which takes a great amount of running/covering space, and he has done a fantastic job being defensive and consistent.  Robbie is a very coachable player with potential to be a very good soccer player.
  • Most Improved – Ethan Old. Another obvious choice. Ethan is usually the first to practice. He is a perfect example of being a student of the game of soccer. He listens with intent, does every drill at practice with high energy and not only became a good goalie this season, but is also a fantastic midfielder.
  • Most SportsmanlikeBen Parfitt. Ben has been a pleasure to coach. He is always at practice with a good attitude and is a great team player.  Ben always has positive compliments for his fellow teammates. He is an outstanding, cooperative member of his team.  Ben is also a fantastic defenseman and has a great foundation with the basics/fundamentals of soccer.


U12 Boys 2, Coached by Jason Belyea

  • Most Improved – Merano Calabrese: Merano started the season with very little soccer experience and through hard work ended the season as one of the consistent, dependable players on the team.
  • Most Sportsman Like – Brayden Baiarrio: Winning, losing, on the field or on the sidelines, Brayden always had a smile on his face.
  • Most Dedicated – Roman Jansen: You could always count on Roman making every practice, make up practice, home games and away games. Roman always stepped on the field to play the game hard.


U12 Boys Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Jason Belyea and Doug Harris

  • Defensive Player of the YearLukas Johansson: Lukas was a solid defensive player all year season. He stood up to the strikers and midfielders with consistent play, often turning the ball back over to us. Lukas never gave up and was a key player in the team’s success this year.
  • Rookie of the Year – Sam Smith: Sam joined the team as one of the 5 under age players of the U12 squad and filled the role as keeper. Sam made unbelievable saves all year, communicated with his players during the game, and was always positive on and off the field.
  • All Star (Hustle and Heart) – Julian Wylie: Julian was one of our strong runners and would out hustle opponents consistently, keeping true to the game of soccer. He played fair, but hard.


U13 Boys, Coached by Marc Marchand

  • Most Valuable Player: Carter McKinnon Carter was our MVP because he played any position which he was asked to do and always gave his best and played as a team player. He never gave up on a ball.
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player: Rowan McCullough – Rowan was our MSP because he always played fair and was concerned when someone got hurt.
  • Most Improved Player: Cameron Goldy – Cameron was our MIP because, as his coach for a number of years, I can say this year his skills improved the most. He had a better understanding of the game and worked as a team player.


U13 Boys Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Shawn Fiddick and Mike Wasserman

  • Most Improved Player: Clifton Tollefson – Despite an early season set back of having a broken leg, this player not only fought through having to sit out an early part of the season, he also had to return when we had the most snow. During his time off, he would still attend practices, attend games and was always there for his team mates. Once he was able to train, he came back stronger than before and was instrumental in how he took his training seriously enough to come back faster, stronger and better than before his injury. Congratulations Clifton Tollefson for Most Improved Player.
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player: Diego Guevara Mix – Diego never complained, never said no, never was disgruntled when things weren’t great. This player was a leader amongst his peers, from a lot of different avenues, but mostly because he never gave up. No matter the score, the weather, the outcome of the game or training, he would always shake coaches’ hands, pat his team mates on the shoulder, and was also the first one to lend a hand to an opponent needing a hand up. Very proud to have coached him this season, and award the Most Sportsmanlike Player to Diego Guevara Mix.
  • Most Valuable Player: Owen Philips – I can most confidently say this would have been a unanimous choice for the coaching staff, players and parents. This player was instrumental, integral and all around vital to our season. Many times, his reactions and saves were ultimately game changing. The things this young man can do with his natural gift and ability in goal sometimes would leave his coaching staff, and fans with mouths wide open, all thinking to ourselves…how did he do that? And at the end of every game, he would smile a huge smile, and the entire team would pat him on the back and he would humbly stroll off, like it was no big deal. An honour to coach, an honour to know and we all look forward to the amazing player this young lad will become. Our Most Valuable Player is Owen Phillips


U15 Girls, Coached by Kathy Richmond, Rebecca Stephens, and Wade Macknak

  • MVP: Alex Jansen – Alex has become a solid player in the back line and stepped into the keeper position whenever we needed her. We all appreciated that SO much.  Alex always battled hard and we always knew that if Alex was anywhere back there, the opposing team would never get through!
  • All-Star: Janet LeBlanc: Janet is a solid player and one of our top scorers for this year! Janet’s hard work & dedication shows every time she steps on the field. Janet is a player that you can put anywhere on the field and she will shine.
  • All Star: Katrina Kurylowich: Katrina is another solid player that is hard to beat. Didn’t matter where you put Katrina on the field, she put her heart & soul into it. Katrina found her way in all positions this year and was one of those players in which we had the most confidence. Her hard work & dedications showed every time.


U15 Boys 1, Coached by Paul Gonzalez and Rob Griffin

Coach Paul says, “My boys already got their medals. They ALL finished as Silver medalists in our division tournament wrap up. They fought hard all tournament long, and even beat Tim Smith’s team in the semi-finals in a shoot out to go to the Gold medal game against Oceanside. Considering that we did not play a single game all season with our entire team present, and still rallied to win the Silver medal in our age bracket year-end tournament, that tells me that ALL of the kids deserve recognition as they ALL played a part in our seasons success.”


U15 Boys 2, Coached by Tim Smith

  • Most Improved Player: Josh Persson – Congratulations Josh! Your 2-goal game against HCFC Portland Timbers, is just one of many games this season you showed us your inspiration, big heart & love of the game.  Easily encouraged, & a pleasure to coach.  Keep playing Josh, many more great moments will follow!
  • Most Consistent Player: Matthew Hewitt Congrats Matthew. Week in and week out Matthew showed his commitment to his teammates, coaches and Club. Always providing 100%, leaving nothing behind. Not once this entire season were his teammates & coaches ever in doubt of what to expect on the pitch from Matthew.  Keep playing the beautiful game Matthew, thousands more tackles to be won.
  • Most Inspirational Player: Edomiyas Demoline – Nothing says Desire, like Edomi! Look up the word in the dictionary, & I’m certain there will be a photograph of him. Each and every practice and game, it’s always 100% desire. Desire to win the Ball, desire to take on a player, desire to defend, desire to score & desire to never stop trying.  Congratulations on an impressive season.


U15 Boys Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Craig Glennie and Tim Smith

  • Most Inspirational Player: Logan Steel – Logan has been our teams heart and soul. He frustrated opponents with his tenacity and proved to many of our opponents never judge anyone by their size. Logan once chased down an opponent from the opposing team’s 18yard box all the way down to our own 18 and stopped a scoring opportunity against us. When he wasn’t busy being Steph Curry on the Basketball Court he was the Mid Isle Mariner’s Superman.
  • Most Improved Player: Jaden Martin -Jaden’s work ethic and “let your play do the talking” attitude was a pleasure to watch over this season. Jaden played in the back line and over the course of our season was a player who went from coming off the bench to becoming a starting outside back. Jaden from the tryouts until the end of the season continued work on his defensive positioning and decision making when he won the ball to help start our counter attacks.
  • Most Influential Player: Scott Coulthart – Scott was a welcome addition to our Mid-Isle family this season joining us from Port Alberni. Scott has been a huge contributor to the success of our team this season. Our team faced some very physical and skilled opponents this season. Scott played in our back line as a Centre Back and was massive in breaking up our opponents either aerial or ground attacks. Scott was very influential on many of our victories this season by either setting up goals by taking great free kicks or winning critical headers or chasing down opponents as they tried to attack our goal.


U16-18 Boys, Coached by Tim Richards and Kyle MacDonald

  • Grayson MacDonald: We’d like to congratulate Grayson for being the unofficial captain and leader in his graduating year of juvenile soccer at Mid Isle. His fantastic soccer skills and great attitude on and off the field were a fantastic example of sportsmanship and leadership all year. He was the clearly the MVP of the team. Congratulations, Grayson.
  • Keith McPhail: Keith and his family are new to Ladysmith. It being the first year of play at a new club and meeting a new team, you would figure it would have been difficult, but for Keith not a chance. His sense of humour and enjoyment of the game were infectious. He worked hard all season and was dedicated to the challenges at hand. His skill and style of game play noticeably changed from the beginning of the season until now. Congratulations, Keith.
  • Brandon Swanson: This was Brandon’s first year with a U18 team. He was easily the team’s youngest and most improved and dedicated player. Brandon did not miss a practice all season and continued to grow his game with confidence and ability. His hard work has paid off. Good luck next year! Congratulations, Brandon.


U16-18 Boys Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Tim Richards and Kyle MacDonald

  • All-Star: Conner Phye: This was Conner’s 2nd year with Mid-Isle – I’d like to recognize Conner for his hard work and leadership and dedication to his team. He provided calmness and skill in back line of the team, and his play is distinguished by making good decisions on his first pass out of defence and always being composed. Congratulations on an outstanding season.
  • All-Star: Jake Wittenberg: This was Jake’s first season with Mid-Isle, and he was the team’s official leading goal soccer. Always dangerous in the final third and equally good heading a ball in the net as striking a ball with his foot. A pure forward. Congratulations Jake!
  • All-Star: Hudson Richards: This was Hudson’s 2nd year with Mid-Isle and his U18 graduating year. Hudson provided consistency at games and at practice – he always brought a professional work habit to his team and his game, providing the younger boys with leadership and a style of play to be emulated. Congratulations on your season, Hudson!


U16-18 Girls, Coached by Kathleen Nicholls

  • All-Star – Ruby McAuliffe: Ruby is always positive, always willing to work hard, and always encouraging her teammates to do the same.
  • All-Star – Miho Carlson: Miho is a leader both on and off the field. She’s a true team player – she’s committed, consistent, and dependable.
  • All-Star – Olivia Rettig: Olivia is a solid defensive player. She makes hard challenges, and makes smart playes to tmove the ball out of her defensive end.


U16-18 Girls Tier 3 Mariners, Coached by Willow Hartig

  • All-Star – Jane Hawthornthwaite: Jane is a great team player, she’s tough, fast, and skilled. She’s the Captain, the inspirational mentor for our team.
  • All-Star – Chelsea Day: Chelsea’s the hardest working soccer player on Vancouver Island. She has the best footwork, was at nearly every practice and game. She’s been committed since day one!
  • All-Star – Amelia Usborne: This is a quote from one of Amelia’s teammates: “Amelia has shown how strong she can be on the field. As one of the youngest on the team, she could’ve been timid about playing against older girls BUT Amelia showed that she was more than capable. She has a great attitude, and when we were down, she powered through it. Not to mention how hard she tried in net and those amazing saves! She shows great sportsmanship, leadership, and commitment. This girl is going to do well and I hope she continues to pursue soccer further.